Being located in the huge mountain of Chandranath at Rudraprayag district of the Uttarakhand, the town of tungnath is among the very sacred ones in Panch Kedar. Being the highest temple devoted to Lord Shiva, it is perched at a breathtaking altitude of 3,680 mts above the sea level.

As a prominent part of the mystical region of Garhwal, the Temple of Tuganath conjures up the profiles of legendary beauty. It is believed that being within Tugnath the hands of Lord Shiva rest while he tried petering out through Pandavas. Also it is believed that the current temple is built through the temple of Pandavas for appeasing Lord. The place boasts of devout and serene ambience where one can also feel the presence of almighty. Even though the trekking route gets covered through brawny stones, the marvelous view of the highly embellished meandering pastures makes someone’s treks awe inspiring. Walking further from the trek the meadows also gradually start changing to mauve, white and pink Rohodendrons.

All the mythological backgrounds of the temple of Tungnath are mainly associated with the epic Mahabharata. According to Vyas Rishi the Pandavas could only be expiated for their sin of killing their own brothers only after they were pardoned by Lord Shiva. The Pandavas would begin searching for Lord Shiva in Himalayas and Lord Shiva kept avoiding them due to their guilt.

Being full of profound divinity, the temple of Tungnath is also set for fascinating visitors with the fascinating and the idyllic surroundings. The town is a delightful heaven for hikers and trekkers, the place also unravels the unparalleled beauty of the countryside of Garhwal. One can easily become exhilarated with the exciting scenery of a gushing cascade, which looks as if it got here directly through heaven.

How To Reach

By Air: Getting around the town of Tungnath is simple through the Jolly Grant Airport which is at a distance of 232 kms away from the holy site of Tungnath.

By Rail: The nearest railway station to the temple of Tungnath is the Rishikesh railway head which is at a distance of 215 kms away from the town.

By Road: To get there in the holy town of Tungnath, you need to reach to the Kund-Gopeshwar highway which connects you to Chopta, which is 212 kms away from the site of Rishikesh through the route of Chamoli Gopeshwar. Taxis and buses ply alongside the route. From the town of Chopta, one can reach the temple which is 3kms away from the town.

Places to See in Tungnath