Bungee Jumping,Flying Fox,Giant Swing

Planning adventure sports and outdoor activities in the beautiful town of Rishikesh and nearby regions is truly about linking with natural surroundings. Located within the lap of Himalayas of the Shivalik range, the beautiful town of Rishikesh would provide travellers with different scenic sites. The holy town of Rishikesh isn’t only renowned for being India’s River Rafting Capital but is also great for indulging in different activities such as kayaking, camping, bunjee jumping, flying fox and swing activities. So for someone who is here for spending a quality vacation with friends and family amidst the landscaped rich environs, Rishikesh would be certainly a nice trip for getting into the town. Additionally with quenching adrenaline thirst for travellers, adventure sports in Rishikesh would also provide a whole lot of physical and mental health benefits to travellers.

Adventure activities in Rishikesh such as camping on river banks, white water rafting, flying fox and bunjee jumping are mainly becoming the most loved sports that are enjoyed by people regardless of age group. All these forms of sports would be among the most entertaining and joyous ways to get a closer peek at nature. A quiet night camping offers you moments for talking to yourself. The action packed experience and resting in camps would provide you with a much different and peaceful experience from the running fast life.

Due to the Pristine Ganga and Majestic Himalayas, the town of Rishikesh is known to be the “most beautiful part of Northern Regions”. The foothills of Himalayas thrive with multiple bodies of water and distinctive wildlife varieties that attribute to different types of adventurous activities. All the activities of adventure sports are arranged for getting performed under the guidance of professionals who’re trained for maintaining strict guidelines and safety standards.


If you have the fire and passion to fly in the air with magical turns, don’t miss the golden chance to perform Bungee jumping in Uttrakhand. Undeniably, Bungee Jumping is considered as one of the most exciting and air-loving adventure of the era. It’s a thrill activity which gives you the feeling of jumping from a building without even getting hurt. Yes, you read it right. Being one of the famous adventurous activities of the Uttrakhand, it is performed under the strict guidelines and safety standards. Before initiating the activity, you will be properly briefed about that and then a rubber cord will be tied to your ankle to help you as you ascend from the platform to feel the magical rush.


Those who wish to feel the captivating energy of wind, while absorbing the magic into their eyes, must have try flying fox in their life. Moreover, if you are in the group of your best buddies, Flying fox could be an adventure of the lifetime. For giving the best and safest pleasure of Flying Fox, we have fixed a hard wire from one end to other. The wire is longer than a kilometre, and there’s solid machinery related to it. While proceeding of the activity, you will be harnessed to this device and released to gravity on the wire from a radical height to accomplish the great speed up to 120 Kmph and even more. Just close your eyes and think of the marvellous feeling of piercing through air at such magical swift. This activity is done by at least three people at one time, but you can do it alone on paying little extra bucks.


Giant Swing is probably the Father of traditional Bungee Jumping. For example, in Bungee jumping a cord is attached to your ankles, but in Giant Swing at Rishikesh, a firm seat harnessed is provided and two different strong ropes are linked with it. So, once you took off from the ground, the ropes linked with the harness will embark swinging you like a pendulum in the sky, thus reacting as one Giant Swing tied from the radical heights. Giant Swing in Rishikesh can be done individually or either in the association of two people at the same time. If you are a lover of heights and thrills, Giant swing is a must-do for you.