River Rafting

The adrenaline sport of river rafting is well known to provide excitement and thrill to the fullest. Hence thrill seekers are always looking out for adventure sports to enjoy their vacation time. River rafting in the town of Rishikesh has developed to a whole new extent and with the help of a number of adventure travel agencies it is possible to book a safe river rafting session. River rafting in Rishikesh is done under expert supervision to ensure fun with utmost safety. The government is constantly working to promote the adventure sport of river rafting through many competitions and events.

Depending on the requirements and prior experience of the people, river rafting Is divided in different grades like simple, small waves, moderate waves and irregular and precise maneuvering and extremely difficult ones. The sport is generally taken by many youngsters who generally keep safety tips under consideration for a joyous experience. The sport has become extremely popular in Rishikesh because of the fact that almost everyone can try it at least once for an adrenaline filled experience.

BENEFITS OF RIVER RAFTING SPORT : The sport of White water rafting is one of the most adventurous and physical ways for exploration of nature and great depths of the beautiful white flowing river water. Some health benefits a person gets with white water rafting are:

The sport fills out your every nerve with pure adventure and brings positivity in mind with the beautiful constantly changing surroundings around the river.

Compared to other adventure sports you would get a higher level of adrenaline rush for focusing only on the the feeling of excitement than the physical rafting exercise.

Being outdoors in the mountains is a great way to soak up sum and a person also gets fresh and pure air that isn’t possible in the surroundings of cities. According to studies exercising outdoors has great benefits on the mental health of individuals rather than being indoors.

Rafting in white water is a challenging strenuous activity that would require high level of endurance. Rafters should be able to sustain longer paddling periods for ensuring right navigation.


There are a number of places in and around Rishikesh where you can enjoy rafting in white water and other adventure activities. Some beautiful and distinctive places for enjoying white water rafting are Brahmpuri, Byasi, Marine Drive, Mohan Chatti, Neelkanth, Mohan Chatti and Shivpuri. There are a number of travel agencies that organize white water rafting programs for travellers in these places.