The adventure sport of skiing evolved a lot since the years. Being a costly sport and among the favorites of adventure lovers, ski resorts attract a lot of visitors for witnessing performances of professionals or just to give the sport a good try. Not much promoted in India due to hot weather conditions in most of the country, skiing is only limited to the Northern region of Himalayas in the states of Jammu & Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand. A total of four towns are present in the beautiful state that suit best as ski destinations in winters.

The state government is gradually promoting the beautiful sport by placing events and competitions that invite participants from a number of countries. Winter sports like skiing and snowboarding are rigorous activities that demand for high levels of physical and mental fitness. Various skiing and snowboarding courses are provided by the Kumaon and Garhwal Mandal Vikas Nigam for inspiring youth to take up the sport. Private tour organizers also provide different courses and ski packages for beginners as well as intermediates.

BENEFITS & ADVANTAGES OF SKIING : There are a lot of benefits associated with the famous winter sport of skiing. There are a number of reasons as to why this sport must be tried when you’re at tour to Uttarakhand during winters. The skiing towns of Uttarakhand such as Auli, Munsiyari and Dayara Bugal (Uttarkashi) would offer you perfect slopes for practicing the sport. Some advantages of skiing are as follows:

  • A 3 to 4 hour session of skiing is a total body workout and you’re surely burning a hell lot of calories while climbing up and down the slopes. It is a known fact that the challenging walks involved with heavy ski boots and skis makes your feet work harder than normal.
  • Skiing is known to tone your foot muscles like calves, glutes and thighs. A number of other muscle groups are conditioned as well if you’re undergoing a skiing course.
  • Unlike other sports like paragliding and river rafting the sport requires you to maintain control as there is no one else involved for making movements of the skis.


1. AULI:

The beautiful town of Auli is a skier’s paradise. The town mainly draws visitors who’re in love with snow and winter sports as well. Located 15 km away from the little town of Joshimath the place can be reached through a 4 km long cable car that offers spectacular views of the surrounding peaks. Auli has proper accommodation facilities with skiing programs from various government and private agencies designed for beginner, intermediate and advanced skiers as well. Additionally to skiing travellers can also learn the adventurous sport of snowboarding with professional instructors always ready for assistance. While learning the beautiful sport it’s bliss to just watch the beautiful scenic panorama of the Garhwal Himalayas with incredible views of the peaks like Nanda Devi, Kamet, Mana and Hathi Parvat. The overall length of skiing slop is more than 3 km matching the standards of ski resorts worldwide. Auli also has snow machines for supplementing the snow slopes for comfort of skiers. A ski holiday to Auli is a must recommended for someone who wishes to learn the sport without getting heavy on budget.


Being some of the most unexplored jewels of the Kumaon region the beautiful town of Munisyari has everything that would be appraised by snow as well as winter sports lovers. The town grants great views of the lofty Himalayan peaks of Panchachuli. The little town of Munisiyari is gradually gaining its importance as a winter and ski destination. Additionally with being Kuamon’s winter wonderland the town makes a fine place to enjoy winter sports. The government is frequently organizing skiing programs to promote winter sports among the youth. These courses can range from around a week or two. Advance programs may require around 3 weeks of stay. There are a lot of other things too that a traveller can do during his winter stay such as trekking and exploring the unknown parts around the town. The town remains snow covered from mid-December till March end. Munisyari can be said a cheap destination for skiing and other winter sports as well.


The beautiful little site of Dyara Bugyal in the district of Uttarkashi is among the most prominent skiing destinations of Uttarakhand. Additionally to skiers and snow lovers the destination also draws the attention of trekkers and off season travellers with its heavenly landscapes and different routes for trekking. For travellers skiing in the beautiful and powdery slopes of Dayara Bugyal mostly turns into a seasonal habit where travellers keep coming for more adventure. The total grassland area covers upto 28 sqkm. The destination majestically rests at about 3,007 mts above the sea level. This town has moderate to difficult ski grade slopes and skiers can easily visit the destination with their own gear or hire from different agencies. Travel agencies in the region also provide beginner and intermediate training courses. If you’ve travelled Auli, Chiplakot, Kush Kalyani, Natya, Mundali, Panwali, Kedar Kantha or Bedini Bugyal for skiing then the slopes of Dyara Bugyal would surely impress you.


The place might not be much heard among travellers but is truly an amazing destination for everyone who is totally in love with remote and serene destinations. The place truly transforms into a wonderland during winters and makes a fine addition for getting there and practice with your skis. Mundali can be easily accessed from Dehradun and is only 36 km away from the beautiful town of Chakrata. Situated within the district of Dehradun the town is only 129 kms away from the city. From Chakrata you can travel in jeeps till Dharagarh and from here you need to trek for around 2.5 kms to reach the lovely winter site. The winter months are great for skiing in the beautiful town of Mundali. Skiers can visit this town from mid-December to February. Additionally being a perfect ski destination in winters the town also offers captivating panoramic views of the lofty snow-capped Himalayan peaks. The destination also has a ski school that offers courses for beginners and well as intermediate skiers.