Camping is possibly the finest way to enjoy the serenity of nature with the company of your friends and family. It is the best mode to spend time in the lap of nature and forget the mundane affairs of an otherwise hectic life. It also provides an opportunity to spend quality time with the loved ones and understand them better. The Uttaranchal Himalayan region in India is one such place that offers fantastic range of camping. Whether it is wildlife camping or normal camping, Indian topography offers everything for the adventure enthusiasts. It can prove to be very beneficial for the growing and budding mind of the children. Camping is a recreational activity and there is no age limit. Anyone who likes to explore nature can take up this camping expedition.

Camping Places


Being situated in the beautiful foothills of Kumaon, the cluster of seven lakes, Sattal would be a fine place for weekend holidays and family vacations. The beautiful destination is completely covered through rolling mountains and lush green hills. The picturesque site of Sattal is unlike any site you’ll find in Kumaon region. Unlike the famous neighboring hill station Nainital, the quiet town of Sattal is completely secluded from all commercialization confines and hence provides a peaceful and quiet ambience making it a perfect site for camping and nature walks.

The name of the beautiful town is derived from two words Sat (seven) and the word Tal (lake), due to its linkage with all seven lakes. Just a short hike through woods and travellers would come across refreshing site lined up with tents. At the time of camping, holiday goers can also go for bird watching, forest hiking and on some occasions can also find grazing deer at forest trails.


The beautiful little town of Pangot is a perfect spot for someone who is searching for a completely remote paradise away from the hustle and bustle of hill stations. Pangot is nestled 15 km ahead of the famous Nainital hill station and has some of the best nature views that you’d find in whole of Uttarakhand. A complete seclusion and isolation is guaranteed in this town without even accessibility for phone networks. Pangot is also a perfect destination for bird photographer.

Pangot is a great spot for anyone who just completely wants to get lost and feel a connection with natural surroundings like the beautiful voice of birds and cool breezes passing through the trees. Pangot has many camping sites with all basic amenities. You can be a part of many nature trails and camps that are organized by local agencies. The place can be visited anytime of the year and the place is truly a heaven during monsoons with clouds dancing around the surface.


A place to be for someone who completely looks for seclusion with the wilderness of dense forests and natural surroundings. The little beautiful village of Sigri located ahead of on the Nainital –Kunjkharak road is an enthralling destination with nothing but pure bliss. A few local agencies organize jungle camps and tenting accommodation in the area. This is the place where you can just light your night fire in the cold and enjoy food with your friends and family.

Travellers who wish to find a magical site can just walk towards the nearby village of Ghuggukhan which is something nothing short of heaven on earth. This little high altitude village is truly magical with a dozen homes nestled in sheer quietness with astounding cloud formations that you’ve never seen before. With the help of local people you can also explore nearby places on your own. Amaze yourselves with nature walks, bird watching trails, and short hikes to spend some quality time with nature and its joyful delights.


The small site of Vinayak is a destination that is completely covered with dense forests all around. Vinayak is a place that you’d choose if you’re completely obsessed with nature and huge mountains. Two of three campsites are found in the small grounds of Vinayak where you can find all basic accommodation amenities. Other than that you can also organize your private campsite with your friends and family. The place is enriched with a lot of flora and fauna and thousands of Himalayan bird species can also be found in nearby towns.

Chances are you’d find little to zero tourist crowd as most of the people aren’t aware of this little paradise. Isolation is something that you’d find at every town ahead of Pangot. Many forms of wildlife can be found in Vinayak like great black Himalayan bear and leopards, hence safety precautions must be took. Jungle trails should be taken with local assistance to make sure you get the best experience of this little region.


The secluded site of Kyari Sayat is a destination that you’d like to try to experience the true wildlife of the region with nearby villages. The place is situated at Kotabbagh foothills at Jim Corbett National Park boundary. The little place is perched at a breathtaking altitude of 2800 ft perfectly for exploring the best forms of wildlife adventures. Travellers would surely find a lot of diversities in flora and fauna across this region with a lot to discover.

Organic farm offers meals produced by harvesting of raw vegetables directly through farm. Guests have got opportunities for body surfing over village canal while rappelling through waterfall, swimming river pools and rock climbing. Off road biking enthusiast will find a lot of place to ride their mountain bikes down the valley.

The campsite of Kyari Syat remains open to tourists from 1st of October month to the 30th of April. Some essentials to carry for the campsite are winter clothing, sweat shirts, track pants, shorts, water bottle, sunglasses, binoculars, caps, etc.


Situated in the beautiful region of Jaunsar Bawar region, the secluded Tons Valley differentiates itself as a spectacular place for camping in the town of Uttarakhand. The town is perched at an altitude of 3000m above the sea level, this valley is known to be the most picturesque places for witnessing. The town of Chakrata and Dehradun are also a beautiful part of the valley. The valley is densely forested with different varieties of trees such as Deodar, Pine, Chestnut, Birch and Rhododendron. Here you can easily enjoy nature walks, hiking, bird watching and angling.

Here travellers also get opportunity for witnessing distinctive cultures that are spread across nearby regions of the beautiful valley, where the Kauravas were worshipped instead of Pandavas.It would be narrow to classify Tons valley only as a camping site. The beautiful Tons river valley provides travellers with a base camp like feel with Gigantic Himalayan peaks at a close proximity. Adventure options such as hiking, exploring dense Himalayan forests, high altitude camping and many more adventure activities are organized by the agencies.


Travellers who want to try some place nearby the famous hill station of Mussoorie can visit the Jharipani. This destination probably offers the most spectacular views of the Doon Valley that you can savor. The location is a great thing to consider for offbeat travel enthusiasts and nature lovers. Star-gazing as the fireflies would simply pours peace within the heart, and this is what the town of Jharipani is known all about. From the waterproof Swiss tents to the simple ones, accommodation for camping can easily be available. Most of the tents would offer hot running cold water, garden sit-outs and attached toilets. Various other activities that can be tried around the town of Jharipani are rafting, paragliding, trekking, horse safari, etc.

The little town of Jharipani is a perfect destination for picnic spot. Located near weekend gateway of the town of Mussoorie, the town is a perfect place as a little picnic destination and camping site. Various other activities that you can easily try around Jharipani falls are rafting, paragliding, trekking, horse safari, etc.

8. Binsar

The little town of Binsar is a remarkable place in the Kumaon hills of Uttarakhand and lies in close proximity with the ancient Silk route which is surrounded with lush Rhododendron and Oak jungles. The place is home to expansive biodiversity. The landscaped region of Binsar has also got the status of Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary with the cluster of 124 temples with close proximity to each other. Here adventure camps can be easily available and all these offer wide varieties of activities such as jungle camping, rappelling, bonfire, rock climbing and riverside trek that can be tried within the beautiful little town of Binsar itself.

The place is one of the most preferred destinations for peace seekers and nature lovers. The wildlife sanctuary offers a number of things to do such as trekking, photography and safaris. On a clear day you can easily get spectacular views of the Lofty Himalayan Peaks of Nanda Devi, Trishul, Maiktoli, Nanda Ghunti and Nanda Kot.


Located 16 km ahead from the holy town of Shivpuri, Rishikesh is the hub of adventure seekers and campers. These camps can be settled on white sand river beach, by Ganges on one side and the tributary on the other. Kayaking, Jungle walks river rafting, volley-ball, jungle trekking, mountaineering and various other adventure sports await you in this beautiful little hidden site. The place is mainly famous for river rafting and various other adventure sports that are organized by tour operators in this region.

And when you’re just looking for unwinding around campfire, the chirps and soothing river gurgles would surely offer you a great company. From the basic ones to luxury tents, you’ve got many options to select from. You’ll easily find various packages and accommodation that would be best suitable for you. From basic luxury tents there are a lot of options that can easily be selected for finding accommodation and different packages that is best suitable for you.


Kanatal has gained recognition as one of the most famous destinations for outdoor camping in the beautiful state of Uttarakhand. This little picturesque site is located at an astounding elevation of 2590 mts above the sea level on the Chamba-Mussoorie road. The rustic charm of place would be what attracts the travellers in here. Being far from the city rush, Kanatal would let you enjoy impeccable views amidst mountains. Kanatal has dense forests that are festooned with different species of wild flowers, medicinal herbs and different fruit trees. A number of good camps can be set in this place with great facilities. One would easily have the choice for enjoying trekking, practicing yoga and enjoying beautiful nature walks.

So if you’ve visited the blissful town of Dhanaulti, you’ll surely love the subliminal natural wonders that you get with this quaint little town. Whether you’re looking for basic camping facilities, Swiss cottage tents or bamboo huts, you surely get it all in this little paradise on Earth.