Adi Kailash

According to the various Hindu Mythologies there are 8 peaks in India having a carved impression of the symbol “OM”. Out of all these 8 peaks only one has been discovered yet, known by the name of Adi Kailash or Om Parvat. The beautiful peak of Adi Kailash stands tall with a breathtaking altitude of 6191 mts above the sea level in the district of Dharchula. The unique mountain is known well for its natural wonders and significant religious beliefs; also, it can be believed that the mountain is of miraculous nature. The naturally carved “Om” shape on the mountain makes it completely look different from various other Himalayan peaks, which is due to the snow accumulation on black-mountain. Apart from this the peak also has a resemblance to the religious Mount Kailash. Hence, due to this reason the peak is also named as Adi Kailash.

The religious Om Parvat is truly a pristine site and relatively isn’t disturbed through human activities. However a number of attempts were also made through mountaineers for reaching the summit. The mountain is also generally named as Chotta Kailash with a captivating lake nearby known as the Parvati Tal while catching the mesmerizing reflection of peak. Trekkers can explore the nearby villages of Gabiryang, Gunji, Gala, Rongkong and Napalchu Navi to uncover a phenomenal experience with the regional traditions of these secluded Himalayan Inhabitations.

While trekking you’ll get beautiful glimpses of the snowy Annapurna Mountains (Api Massive), Maha Kali River and the enriching beauty of Darma valleys, so don’t forget to take your best gimmick to capture these mesmerizing moments. Here you’ll find Byans and Bugyals consisting of wild flowers and rare kind of Himalayan herbs.

How To Reach

By Air: The nearest airport to the town of beautiful town of Dharchula is the Pantnagar Airport which is at a distance of 300 kms from the town. The airport links various towns and cities of India to Uttarakhand.

By Rail: The nearest railway station is the Kathgodam railway station located at a distance of 266 kms from the town of Dharchula. The railway station connects the town to the national capital and other major Indian destinations.

By Road: From Kathgodam and other major towns of Uttarakhand one can easily hire taxis and buses. The total journey is 266 kms long and takes about 8 hours to reach the destination.

Places to See in Adi Kailash